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Teaching Artist Institute


In August 2014 Soul-Fusion teaching artist Kim Poole arrived in Nigeria with a mission to
empower women to celebrate their resilience and encourage cross-cultural communication &
peacebuilding through the Music for Change concert series. From this launch pad the Teaching
Artist Institute was birthed and the Mission Music workshop series its first brain child. The
Mission Music workshop series uses art to engage artist and artisan in an evidence based
curriculum that teaches the importance of using creative expression as a tool for social
transformation. Teaching fellow artist and artisan the core tenants teaching artistry in order to
understand our global cultural and artistic economy, as well as a method for including an element
of creative social responsibility into all forms of knowing is the ultimate goal of the Teaching
Artist Institute.

Vision Statement

-Art as a way of life

Mission Statement:

The Teaching Artist Institute provides an opportunity for artist to learn techniques for social
transformation through artistic expression


Train artist and artisan as educators of socially engaged art
Establish and maintain a teaching artist collective
Advocate cross cultural communication and mutual understanding thru art
Create a platform for teaching artist expression

What is a Teaching Artist?

Teaching artist is one that recognizes and understands the influential nature of their art and uses
it to promote a value system or subject matter as an entity in and of itself or as tool integrated
into another discipline.


Research and Policy Development

Training and Curriculum


In the beginning was heart drum

With this vibration we gave
Rhythm to the World
On this beat we sing life

We are the

Rhythm People

"NOMAD" Tour

Mobile Arts & Culture Village Tour: Preserving and Promoting the African Identity in the Diaspora

Each year the Teaching Artist Institute will dedicate one month to assemble and create a mobile touring village of arts
and culture to preserve and promote the African identity in the diaspora.

This month-long annual diaspora world tour will culminate in a continent based festival of world arts such as Feman/Festac 77 or ADGFAC. “Nomad” as it is affectionately named will not only promote and preserve the African identity in the diaspora using art and culture, but also encourage a pilgrimage to Africa every 5 years to people of African decent living in the diaspora.

One prior to departure each year “Nomad” will select artist and artisans from around the world to participate in training in the following areas: Cross cultural communication, Brand and market place development, Cultural economy and wealth of the Teaching Artistry

We are the Rhythm People Campaign

Rhythm Resolution
BECAUSE We are the canvas and regular experiences with art and artistic
expression are the foundations of the African world view
Because We are the first and mother to all cultures, creeds and
civilizations, like a drum, serve as the heartbeat of a global cultural economy.
Because We sing in death and in celebrating new life with art in the
styling of our hair, clothing, food, a dance in our walk and even the melodic
nature of our tonal languages and dialects
Because Every people globally benefit from the development of Africans
and their energy that wields the vibration of life.
Because Re-synthesizing arts and culture into every facet of our development puts Africans in their proper place; as
Rhythm people who move in art as a way of life and as a byproduct create art to live by.

The Rhythm People as a coalition of organizations dedicated to using art and culture for the development of Africa and
Africans globally.

  • Promote the coordination and funding of cultural exchange programs between African and the Diaspora
  • Further encourage and disseminate information to all member states and African Diaspora projects which are
    being implemented
  • Support, encourage and promote the celebration of global observation days as symbols of solidarity for the
    commemoration of the common heritage and vision of Africa and its Diaspora in order to strengthen Pan
    African unity and identity

Community Outreach and Civic Engagement